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Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems is an approach to therapy that sees human beings as having an inner system of protective and and wounded “parts” that are often forced into extreme roles when we have experienced adverse experiences early in our lives.  The inner system also has a core “self” that has a tremendous capacity to heal and bring us into stabilization as we work with each part and help them transform back into their natural and valuable states.  


IFS believes that the mind is naturally multiple and that this helps us adapt to life’s challenges.  IFS is an evidence based psychotherapy that heals in a gentle and non-pathologizing practice.  By finding and getting to know multiple parts, people find that they gain insight and deep awareness of their long held patterns, and through this process begin to heal attachment wounds, negative beliefs, and trauma.

Somatic IFS

Somatic IFS, (SIFS) is a branch of the Internal Family Systems model.  SIFS focuses on the embodiment of our internal parts and emphasizes a deeper somatic experience of working with our internal system.  Most people find that this approach helps them more fully understand the connection of the body to memories and experiences, and the importance of releasing wounds or traumas held in the body.  SIFS engages somatic awareness, conscious breathing, radical resonance, mindful movement, attuned touch and embodied self in the practice of healing.

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