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Trauma-Informed Consultation

As a Trauma-Informed Consultant I guide therapists looking to expand their ability to treat clients who suffer from both simple and complex trauma.  I approach assessing each case on a continuum of trauma experiences and symptoms, from simple or single incident PTSD, to varying degrees of more complex PTSD, pre-verbal trauma, and dissociation.  As a consultant I support my consultees individually or in groups.  Together we conceptualize cases and choose appropriate approaches to treatment.  Using a variety of modalities, including IFS and Somatic IFS, Structural Dissociation/Parts work, EMDR, Flash Technique, Attachment Theory, and trauma focused psycho-education, I can help you provide the best approach to support your most wounded clients.  As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant I can also provide hours toward EMDRIA Certification.  


Treating Complex PTSD 
Not a “quick fix”

The insight approach of IFS and the Standard EMDR Protocol rarely work initially with clients who have a history of child abuse or neglect, early attachment trauma, or who have a high number of Adverse Childhood Experiences, (ACEs):


In treating cases of complex trauma we must practice safe and gentle approaches to helping clients stabilize and to reduce triggers that activate the sympathetic nervous system.   Trauma-Informed Consultation assists therapists in adapting IFS, EMDR and other treatment modalities to these complex cases.

Consultation Services

Group Consultation - Groups of 6-7 participants meet with me bi-weekly for 90 minutes to discuss cases and get support from a compassionate group of like-minded therapists.  

Individual Consultation - Individual consultation is available for therapists wanting to focus in more deeply on a complex case and/or who want to work on struggles with their own inner therapist parts that get in the way of effectively supporting their clients.  Examples of common therapist parts are perfectionism, caretaking, fear of clients anger, co-dependency, inner critic, fixer, overly responsible for others, etc.. Many therapists have developed a keen ability for insight and empathy which is our gift.  By understanding our own inner parts we become more effective at working with our clients.

Practice Groups - I work with groups of 2-3 therapists wanting to learn and practice trauma-informed therapy tools, IFS, and EMDR interventions. 

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